A smashing way to win in Nascar

After posting about a peculiar Formula Ford finish last week I didn’t think I’d be watching the same thing happening again quite so soon. This time around the oddness was courtesy of Nascar Nationwide from Iowa Speedway and our two protagonists are Ricky Stenhouse Jnr and Carl Edwards.

After some rough stuff earlier in the race the two Roush Fenway teammates were already spoiling for a fight. At the final restart Ricky Stenhouse pulled off some blinding moves to take the lead. While dueling hard with Edwards for the win Stenhouse resisted giving him a dose of payback as the team pleaded with each driver to keep calm after an evening of pushing and shoving. Once Stenhouse decisively took the top spot the Roush crews must have thought they had avoided trouble and it was time to celebrate a first and second place for the team, instead they were presented with two mangled Fords along with their winning trophies.

Coming into the final turn of the race Stenhouse’s engine blew spewing out oil and water as he glided in to the finish line. Like James Bond throwing off the bad guys, the engine blow inadvertently created sent Carl crashing into Ricky just as they crossed the line. Miraculously they still delivered a Roush one-two as Stenhouse was propelled over the line and into the wall while Edwards cruised back with a lot shorter race car than he had when he took the white flag. There was no car to present in victory lane, just its driver – the exciting Ricky Stenhouse Jnr. As his senior teammate and dance partner Carl Edwards says, this guy will be around the sport for a long time to come. But however many victories Ricky may take in the future surely none will out-weird this one.


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