The drizzle-meister strikes again

Jenson Button

200 not out - that was vintage Button. (pic ph-stop)

So F1 produced another thriller, yet that man Vettel still moved further ahead in the driver’s standings while Red Bull’s advantage was barely dented in the constructors. The 2011 season puts me in mind of Alex Zanardi’s CART championships; exciting races but no one clear challenger to the main contender. All this action is making Sebastian’s job easier. If Lewis or Fernando had produced the goods then we would be looking at a clear-cut rival to Vettel, instead it was the plucky Jenson Button who took a win at his 200th Grand Prix.

I have a confession to make here – I haven’t seen the full Hungarian Grand Prix as I was working. Oh how it pains me to say that, it was the first F1 race I’ve missed since 2002 – and that blip was due to being at a race meeting myself so it wasn’t such a disaster. So I’ll steer clear of ruminating too long on the event, suffice to say it was classic Button – changing conditions, keeping a cool head, confidence when others were lacking. He’s maturing into the thinking-man’s driver.

My second and final observation is that the stewards love him so much that they appear to have invented a new penalty just for Lewis Hamilton. I’ve never seen a driver punished for spin-turning the car in traffic or not. To be fair it was a dangerous move, it just shows how the FIA are clamping down on driving standards which is for the most part a good thing. Although dragging an exploded car the wrong way down the pitlane right into the championship leader’s path did rather make a mockery of their “make roads safe” campaign…


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