The thin silver line

Lewis Hamilton has been in the wars lately

I called Lewis the best overtaker in April - he still is. (pic ph-stop)

It’s only been a couple of months since I last dabbled with the blog, in motorsport that can be an age. It took a split second for JR Hildebrand to lose the Indy 500, well over four hours went by before Jenson Button finally made Sebastian Vettel crack under pressure in Montreal and the Earth turned on its axis as the thrills, spills, tears and triumph at a truly epic Le Mans unfolded. It took a few more days for the Bahrain Grand Prix to go from off, to on, to off again – leaving the FIA and Formula One looking foolish.

Meanwhile it took only a couple of weeks for Lewis Hamilton to go from hero to villain, his reputation proving more fragile than carbon fibre. There are few drivers in the world who are so electrifying to watch. The moving DRS rear wings may be an artificial way to enhance the show but Hamilton’s real-deal racecraft is anything but false. In the fullness of time these indiscretions will shrink from mountains to the tiny mole hills that they really are.

As for Lewis switching teams, that seems like a load of Red Bull to me. But you can never say never. It is natural for a driver to shop around, Red Bull likewise, although with a world champion already at the wheel of the RB7 it seems that this speculation is just something to keep Fleet Street occupied, as if they haven’t got enough going on right now…

Down the other end of the timesheets Daniel Ricciardo will be making his debut for Hispania. The young Australian looks like a hot prospect (although I’m more excited about the next Red Bull Junior driver in line, Jean-Eric Vergne) so why stick him in such a struggling team? It seems that his presence on the grid is a ploy to apply pressure on the track and off it to Webber, Alguersari and Buemi. The message is clear – Ricciardo is coming so you guys had better get your skates on. You would think that if Lewis Hamilton was truly looking at making a switch there wouldn’t be any need for Red Bull to be feeding backmarker teams cash to train up drivers.  Tis the season to be silly, so who knows where this game of musical race seats will take us?

Meanwhile I’ll be hoping for more fireworks from Lewis Hamilton this weekend at Silverstone. As another Mclaren driver in a yellow helmet once said, if you no longer go for a gap, you are no longer a racing driver. Mclaren don’t need to fill up the other teams with their test drivers to get Messrs Hamilton and Button to drive any better, that’s for sure.


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