The GOATs of commentary

What good commentary looks like. (pic Neil Spalding)

Martin Brundle and David Coulthard may be two of the best racing analysts in the business but I still found something missing in their first stab at race commentary together. We need a voice of the fans, somebody who hasn’t seen it all and done it all. Dear old Murray hasn’t had Ayrton Senna crash into him or given Schumacher the finger, MB and DC have. This makes for great insight, but it’s less conducive to an audio ride that is as thrilling as the pictures. We need people who are amazed by the skills and bravery our sport brings out of the chosen few who dare to partake in it, observers who are in thrall of the combatants rather than just the admittedly welcome but ultimately too knowing perspective of former racers.

The definitive commentary team in all of motorsports has to be Toby Moody and Julian Ryder who man the mic for Eurosport’s excellent Moto GP coverage. Their pal and sometimes co-commentator Neil Spalding tweeted the above picture which to me says it all. It’s only the 125s but already the pair are peaking. It’s not just Mr Moody’s mad eyes, look how he’s gripping Jules like a mother clutching onto a wayward child! This is what sports commentary should be all about. Mark Webber clearly thinks so, as he cheekily told the BBC F1 boys…

Have a look at this clip to hear (and see) just how good they are at what they do. Toby also has extensive knowledge of car racing that shames many who voice four-wheeled sports. He’s even worked for a few F1 teams back in the 1990s; wouldn’t it be great to have energy like his on the BBC? Brundle and Coulthard are brilliant at what they do, but let’s have some crazy characters with trainspotter tendencies back in the box with them. Ben Edwards, Martin Haven or the Beeb’s own Crofty would do the trick too and I believe it would do wonders for keeping folk awake and away from the remote if there was feeling like this coming through the speakers.

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