The new boy teaches the class

Perez is the latest star to come from GP2. (pic by Marcel Touch)

If F1 is the pinnacle of the sport it is only natural to look in the direction of Australia for my racer of the week. The contenders? Sebastian Vettel was a worthy winner while Renault’s Vitaly Petrov provided the feel-good story, but it was further down the field where we find the most impressive performance of the week.

After the teams feared four stop strategies they arrived in Oz and found that the new Pirelli tyres were surprisingly kind over a race distance, but still nobody came close to using the Italian rubber as Sergio Perez and Sauber did. He took his Swiss steed to seventh while only visiting the pits on one occasion, leaving rivals scratching heads and going back to the digital drawing board. The 21 year old rookie made it sound easy claiming that one stop was never in Sauber’s plans but he just couldn’t help but deliver consistently quick laps so they kept him circulating. He stayed out of trouble all race, showed flashes of speed and was more consistent than many experienced runners despite missing most of third practice, so was his reward some nice juicy points? Of course not, he was disqualified on a technicality. Welcome to Formula One Sergio…



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2 responses to “The new boy teaches the class

  1. Welcome indeed, I have not been this impressed by a rookie in quite some time!

  2. Sauber always has a knack of picking good young drivers. He has less luck with older ones though…

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