Not watching racing? Then watch more racing.

Legendary drivers in iconic cars make for great telly. (pic caffeinated_zeitgeist)

If you didn’t catch the two Grand Prix documentaries on the BBC this week then I suggest you head to the iplayer forthwith and watch both Grand Prix The Killer Years and Mark Stewart’s superb Formula One 60th Anniversary: Plus Ca Change. The former is grim viewing that won’t be for everybody while the latter is a warm-hearted look at the champions through the ages.

Primarily filmed in the sterile and now shamed backdrop of Bahrain where 18 former champions gathered just over a year ago, Plus Ca Change is essential viewing. It brings home that while F1 never stands still the same elements of speed, danger and glamour continue to drive the sport’s high-revving heart.



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2 responses to “Not watching racing? Then watch more racing.

  1. Do you know of any way to watch these in the States Phil?
    They look good.

  2. They’re brilliant, I’m watching them again now! I’m told you can get a proxy IP address that fools the website into thinking you are connecting from the UK. Try googling how to watch iplayer in the US, I expect you won’t be the only one wanting to know how to do it! While you’re there you must watch Wonders of the Universe too. Good luck!

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