Nascar pauses for tea

If it's good enough for Jesus... (pic by Royal Broil)

Nascar sponsors are about the most wildly diverse bunch – where else does Viagra rub up against ‘Jesus’? – but now the right wing folk of the Tea Party are getting involved in stock cars. They’ll be sponsoring Chris Lafferty’s Nascar Camping World Truck Series campaign, but unlike Jesus or the US Army, the Tea Party themselves are seeking to take 50% of all the other sponsorship revenues gathered by the team! So the driver risks his life and a political group reaps the rewards, what a great advert for them…

Obviously they will be hoping to get some young recruits, I’m sure that the ‘Nascar vote’ is an important one, but giving a race team a raw deal hardly seems like the way to get on the side of the ever-vocal fans in the stands. Here’s the story for you to check out.


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