A GT1 thriller? Yas please.

Say yes to Yas - the GT1 series thrilled the small crowds. (pic by Stuart Barr)

Although the start of a new F1 season always has the power to get me out of bed at the crack of dawn like a kid on Christmas Day, the Australian Grand Prix can’t really be called race of the week. Kevin Harvick’s last gasp battle with Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch was fantastic in the Sprint Cup at Fontana and the very welcome return of World Superbikes to Donington Park was a quality encounter, but bizarrely it was an endurance race on a track not famed for overtaking that rocked my yacht.

The GT1 World Championship got off the line in Abu Dhabi with less manufacturers but a higher standard of drivers. In the link below you will find the first and second race (if you skip the empty grid during the first 20 minutes) so I won’t go spoiling the results for you. It’s the second race where things get really tasty, even the pitlane was full of action. Enjoy.

Watch the 2011 GT1 Championship race from Abu Dhabi.


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