Next in line to the throne?


Zac Brown in action

Who better to replace a racing wheeler dealer than a racing wheeler dealer?

We all assumed that only the Grim Reaper could tear Bernie from his throne, but now it looks like the long arm of the law could be his eventual downfall. Plebs like myself find law a little bit baffling (which is probably the idea) so I’ll defer to the likes of the excellent Joe Saward for coverage of the case of the missing 50 million, but I did come across a fascinating profile of a possible apprentice for Emporer Ecclestone.


We don’t know how Ecclestone will leave the sport he has helmed for so long, but we know that one day Formula One will inevitably find itself searching for a new leader. It seems that The Guardian has found one in American advertising-ace and part-time racer Zac Brown.


Zac Brown was last seen contributing to his United Autosport team’s remarkable fourth place finish in the Rolex 24 at Daytona alongside oldie-but-goodies Mark Brundle and Martin Blundell (Murray’s words circa 1993, not mine). He’s also been campaigning his garish Audi R8 GT car (pictured above at the luscious Lodge corner at Oulton Park).


Indeed, the launch of his GT3 challenger saw Bernie himself in attendance – the lowest down the racing ladder that Ecclestone has appeared since his own F3 days. It seems that Zac Brown is very well connected indeed, it was akin to seeing Sepp Blatter cheering on the touch-lines for Southport FC.


Read the Guardian’s piece here.


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