Since I last wrote…

You wait 15 years for Lotus, then four come along... (pic by bobaliciouslondon)

Back at the end of 2009 when I last posted on Race of Two Worlds we didn’t even have Lotus in Formula One, now we have Loti. A great deal can happen in a year or so of racing and I missed the lot in 2010! I’m down a lap, so now it’s time to make up the gap and blog myself silly for the rest of 2011.

With a bit more time on my hands than before I can now afford to ponder, muse and wonder about the racing world. After dipping my toe in the water back in 2009 it’s now time to take the plunge.

I’ll be writing about racing as I see it, which is from my living room. That means I have no insider knowledge to draw on, just a lifetime of shouting at the TV and standing at the top of the Craner Curves as the odour of bacon butties mixes with the smell of burning rubber.

The story of the day for both the motorsport world and the wider press is the unrest in the Arab world, but I’m steering clear of that as I know little on the subject. Instead I’ll be focusing on the start of the Nascar season which gets the green flag at Daytona this weekend. Start your engines!


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